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Help Recover from Sports Injury and Boost Performance.

Sports Injury Treatment

As a Bio Energy therapist and Reiki Master I have successfully treated people suffering from sports injuries. Many professional and amateur athletes put their bodies through a lot of stress that can result in painful injuries. Equally, people who are making a return to sport after a long hiatus or those taking up running, gym work, martial arts etc. for the first time – can be prone to injury. Sport induced pain can be related to a sprain, muscle strain or tissue damage. More and more athletes are turning to Bio Energy healing therapy or Reiki treatments on a regular basis in an attempt to correct any misalignments and general wear and tear due to sports injuries.

Bio Energy and Reiki have been proven to speed up the healing process in the body’s energy system without any negative side effects. Not only do the therapies help with recovery from sports injuries but they also help to boost performance.

Treatments are complementary to conventional medicine and they do not interfere with any ongoing prescribed medications. Sessions of Bio Energy and Reiki triggers rapid healing.

Bio Energy

Bio Energy Healing is a way to heal your body and mind. Treatment is very beneficial for the human body, especially when our energy system is imbalanced. It is a form of complementary medicine, based on an ancient Eastern form of healing.


Originating in Japan, Reiki is a gentle, safe and pain free treatment. Reiki is a spiritual energy that uses a hands-on healing technique to heal your body and mind. Reiki reduces stress and helps the person to feel relaxed. Treatment helps to heal the body.


Seichem is of the same source origin as Reiki. Seichem is a gentle, safe and pain free treatment and a powerful form of healing therapy. It is used to heal your body and mind. Seichem therapy works very well with traditional medicine.


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