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Realign Your Energy System And Heal Your Mind and Body

What is Bio Energy Therapy?

Bio Energy Therapy works by healing the body and mind. A complementary medicine based on an ancient Eastern form of healing it involves balancing the energy sources from within. The treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their life and overall health – including pregnant women, children and babies.

Gentle and safe, energy within the body is balanced to promote healing of all types of injuries, both physical and emotional. When energy fields in our body become trapped and stagnant they are a breeding ground for many ailments and diseases which manifest as pain and/or anxiety. Bio Energy has proven to be effective in the treatment of back, neck and knee pain and speeds up healing post-operatively (e.g surgery for broken bones). It is also a very successful treatment for mental/emotional ailments like anxiety, stress, poor sleep and depression.

What is involved in Bio Energy Therapy?

During the initial session, previous medical history is recorded and notes are taken on the presenting complaint. The client is then asked to stand in a comfortable standing position, however, at different stages will be invited to sit or lie down for the purpose of the treatment. If a client is unable to sit or stand due to injury, therapy can be delivered whilst lying on a treatment bed. Clients will remain fully clothed at all times.

Using my hands, I scan my client’s energy system, detecting any blockages or stagnancy within the body. Without any physical contact and using a series of hand movements, I pull the energy blockages out of the system therefore restoring the body’s natural defense system. Once this healing process is triggered the body then begins to heal itself.

Bio Energy does more than just treat the disease it can also be used to prevent disease from developing in the first instance. Many people use the therapy as a stress buster and as a means to promote better sleep and a stronger immune system. We often underestimate how important a healthy body is until we experience a diagnosis of illness.

What can I expect to experience during a Bio Energy Treatment?

During the treatment many clients  will feel relaxed and may experience sensations like tingling heat and coolness. They may also sense a gentle pulling sensation and they may feel the urge to laugh, which are all very normal and common experiences. Some may feel a surge of energy flowing through their body and others will fall asleep. Each client will experience and react to Bio Energy treatments differently.

As a therapist I can guide and facilitate you to a better physical, mental and emotional health. The only requirement from you is a commitment and a willingness to receive positive change and recovery from illness.

What are the benefits from a Bio Energy Treatment?

  • Treats ailments by clearing energy blockages
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Eliminates pain
  • Releases stress
  • Helps to improve sleep
  • Speeds up healing
  • Promotes better health and wellbeing
  • Clears the mind and improves focus
  • Free from medication, non-invasive
  • Patient friendly

Bio Energy

Bio Energy Healing is a way to heal your body and mind. Treatment is very beneficial for the human body, especially when our energy system is imbalanced. It is a form of complementary medicine, based on an ancient Eastern form of healing.


Originating in Japan, Reiki is a gentle, safe and pain free treatment. Reiki is a spiritual energy that uses a hands-on healing technique to heal your body and mind. Reiki reduces stress and helps the person to feel relaxed. Treatment helps to heal the body.


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