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Qualified Reiki Master And Advanced Bio Energy Therapist

Paul Carroll – Bio Energy Therapist and Reiki Master 

Paul Carroll is a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner and Bio Energy Therapist. Having trained at Bio Energy Ireland, he is current Treasurer of BETA (Bio Energy Therapy Association) and Vice Chairperson of Reiki Federation of Ireland.

A work accident in 2008 left Paul with a devastating back injury and after many failed medical procedures he faced a life of chronic pain and depression. Finally, after being introduced to Bio Energy Therapy, Paul was able to reclaim his life and is now completely pain-free. So life-changing was the treatment Paul decided to train as a Bio Energy Therapist so that he could help others live a happy, healthy and pain-free life too.

At his clinic he treats both young and old and with varying ailments both physical and psychological i.e all pain related issues, stress and anxiety. Treatments are gentle and non-invasive, are a complementary therapy and do not interfere with conventional medicine practices. By special request he can also facilitate treatment at client’s own home, hospitals and nursing/hospice care centres. 

“My passion is helping clients to live a pain-free life and reconnecting them with their healthier selves.”
Paul Carroll.

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Bio Energy

Bio Energy Healing is a way to heal your body and mind. Treatment is very beneficial for the human body, especially when our energy system is imbalanced. It is a form of complementary medicine, based on an ancient Eastern form of healing.


Originating in Japan, Reiki is a gentle, safe and pain free treatment. Reiki is a spiritual energy that uses a hands-on healing technique to heal your body and mind. Reiki reduces stress and helps the person to feel relaxed. Treatment helps to heal the body.


Seichem is of the same source origin as Reiki. Seichem is a gentle, safe and pain free treatment and a powerful form of healing therapy. It is used to heal your body and mind. Seichem therapy works very well with traditional medicine.


Qualified Reiki Master And Advanced Bio Energy Therapist





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